Client: Michael Paul Fragrances

Launched in June 2018, Michael Paul Fragrances is a collection of fine fragrances formulated in Australia. The brief called for a full branding (including logo and style guide) for the brand as well as producing the graphics, print material and assisting in the digital material and industrial design of the brands first 2 fragrances: Saudade and Vantablac. The launch was a success and has already gotten media traction and attention on websites such as
Client: The Centre: Connecting Community in North & West Melbourne INC.
Celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, the Spring Fling Street Festival is the highlight of the spring calendar for North Melbourne. A large annual festival held in North Melbourne catering for approximately 13,000 attendees. Placed right in the heart of Errol Street (and spanning throughout Victoria and Queensberry streets), the Spring Fling Street Festival hosts pop up markets, street food, beer gardens, entertainment and plenty of exciting offerings from local businesses. It is produced annually by the Centre, a not for profit neighbourhood house.

The brief was to create the branding, graphics, print material, digital content and style guide for the 2017 festival. With the target audience being families, I chose bright colours and recognisable fair icons like balloons, music and bunting. As a celebration for the 40th anniversary of the festival, I concentrated on the iconic North Melbourne Town Hall for the hero graphic, which is the backdrop for the festival every year.
“Memoirs of a Designer” is a lifestyle comic zine depicting relatable moments encountered by the everyday designer. The project started off as rough sketches throughout University, before becoming a personal reflection on my experience as a designer.

From the rough sketches the pages were illustrated and digitally refined. The final product is a two tone risograph printed zine. “Memoirs” has also been featured in local markets around Melbourne, and successfully retailed at Sticky Institute.
Photographer: Tayla Nuss-Soeharto
The following work was carried out throughout my internship at Man to Man Australia.
A major project I worked on during my time was the National Employee Product manual. The brief aimed to reinvent an outdated and mismatched style guide/product knowledge book, into a cohesive employee handbook. It was to be used as a teaching material for all new employees, as well as kept in-store for current employees as a reference. Currently, the book has clearly defined sections, product information organised by seasonal wear, catchy graphics and informative infographics for employees to glance at and retrieve the right information efficiently.

Other works displayed are standard projects such as EDMs, social media marketing, photo retouching, instore signage and content created for both digital and print.
The following work was carried out throughout my employment at OrderMate POS.

In 2016, OrderMate Online was launched to all existing and future customers. The campaign was rolled out digitally in the form of a new website, as well as in print with booklets and brochures distributed. The first part of the launch was a booklet. The booklet is a 16 page document full of all the information any client would need, including mock ups and detailed graphics. From this, the client requested to create a one stop visual to explain the product to the customer at a glance. The timeline infographic was created for the subsequent brochures and pamphlets, and developed into a 3m wall decal for trade shows.
Client: Snapchat.
A personal project reflecting on travel, tourism and the digital age. Whenever one travels they share their premeditated photos on Facebook for their friends to see. However, in recent times Snapchat has changed this dynamic by introducing a platforms to share moments instantaneously. One of Snapchats most popular features are their geofilters, showing vector artwork exclusive to every location. Meaning, as people travel, they display where they
are by adding geofilers to their photos.

Noticing a gap that not all locations were established by Snapchat, I gave myself the challenge to design geofilters for my country of birth. Malta is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and is a popular tourist destination, especially in the summer. I chose 16 key destinations and styled them accordingly. From a graphic design point of view, it can be thought of as a logo for each location. The project became a success after I submitted my work, and two of the geofilters were approved by Snapchat for their global database. The two geofilters were activated in July 2016 and are still active today. Both have a combined total of 11.6 million views and 77,000+ uses in their first
6 months, with numbers remaining steady to this day.
Disclaimer: Photo’s are not mine